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Our business expertise: We specialise in finding and securing users with high purchasing intent. Our websites simplify the decision-making process and strengthen your brand’s credibility just before the purchase process, resulting in a high ROI for your brand.


Our method: We reach out ready-to-buy users and build up the essential trust in your brand in order to spark purchases which entails a high quality audience with a high level of transaction rate to optimise your ROI.


SEA: As experts in search engine customer acquisition, we secure the best performing and revenue-generating audiences in your market.


Experts in traffic acquisition: We master all the most qualitative traffic sources. Experts in each source of traffic (Google Ads, Bingads, Facebookads, Nativeads, Affiliate Marketing, Socialads, Self Service, Emailing, Display, Adexchange … etc.)


+300M€ generated for
our customers
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We can work together.

Data Analysis
We identify the most revenue-generating traffic sources and acquisition methods for your brands and build campaigns tailored to your revenue, volume and ROI objectives.
Our campaigns dominate paid search positions and reach millions of highly targeted users.
Improve your brand awareness with our product comparators and their high conversion rate content.
Corporate image
Develop your brand image and attract millions of new visitors to your website.
Generate new high quality customers with our premium acquisition strategies.
Trusted Partners
Join hundreds of leading brands and increase your profitability with our performance-based revenue generation strategies.

Our expertise:

The world of Black Orange

Performance above all

No CPM, no Branding campaigns, we are performance oriented. Based on our successes, skills and experience we only offer performance-based compensation models (soi, doi, trial, sale etc.). Our success is above all the success of our partners.

They trust us:


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Black Orange expertise

Possibility to work with postbacks, conversion pixels or by API to track all types of conversions and guarantee the maximum level of performance for your campaigns.
Net Payment
Take advantage of a regular NET30 payment and a dedicated team for all payment related issues.
Better pay
We guarantee the best EPCs on our offers to allow you to take or keep your market share on your broadcasting networks.
Machine learning
Take advantage of our custom algorithms. Boost your revenues with our smartlinks that optimise your income based on more than 250 real-time criteria.
Dedicated experts
With a wealth of experience in digital marketing, our Media-Buyers teams are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year and will give you all the keys to optimise your campaigns and revenues.

The world of Black Orange

They trust us:


A data driven company.

Black-orange offers complete expertise of the main traffic acquisition tools, through proven and effective new customer acquisition strategies, innovative and revenue-driven campaign targeting, a team of specialised experts for each source of traffic.

Founded in 2012, Black-Orange has opted for an aggressive development strategy. It relies on the best technological tools and a large team of experts.

Black-Orange has also chosen to control its growth in order to maintain a very high quality service as the success of our partners is our priority.

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“Black Orange is one of our trusted partners , we are cooperate more than 2 years and during this period they showed hight quality results that made it possible to scale our numbers more than a half !”

Arthur K., manager of TopOffers Affiliate CPA Network

“I have been working with Black-Orange for 2 years now and I am more than happy with the results. Thanks to their expertise we’ve made our business grow by 200% within 6 months. I have always been satisfied with the quality of their traffic, and they have very talented people that are always willing to share their expertise in order to scale up our business . I strongly recommend them.”

Tanguy , Affiliate Manager of Moar Offers

“We have been working with Black-Orange for several years by promoting their offers on our comparison sites in several countries. It is a great pleasure to work with a company with innovative solutions and strong offerings in several markets. We are delighted to be able to grow together in the future. Thanks to the good relationship we have with our account manager, it is easy to communicate and grow our partnership over time. We highly recommend this company with whom we are very happy to work with on a daily basis.”

Kathia, Business Developer, Compado GmbH

“I’ve been working with Black-Orange and Julien for couple of years and this is the one of the most comfortable easygoing and fruitfil cooperations in my career. I love working with you, guys, you are real professionals“

Tanya, Senior Advertising Manager at TopOffers

“I enjoy working with Black Orange because of the quality of their work but also because of the daily constructive exchanges. It's nice to look for solutions and ways to optimise together, Black-Orange is attentive to the customer's expectations and concerned about our satisfaction”

Julie Baumann, Account Manager TimeOne


Rue pédro-Meylan 4,
1208 Genève
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Google Ads Spécialiste Senior

Black Orange est une jeune agence de marketing digital à fort développement qui recherche des talents aux compétences multiples qui n’ont qu’une idée en tête : décupler les performances de leurs clients. Chez Black Orange, on explore, on imagine, on développe des stratégies digitales avec passion et détermination !

Vous aimez l’autonomie car vous êtes proactif, vous aimez être force de proposition, passionné de marketing digital vous êtes en perpétuelle veille technologique, vous connaissez le monde du marketing d’affiliation. Alors Black Orange est fait pour vous !

L’agence recherche un talent en google ads !

En tant que google ads spécialiste, vous serez en charge d’un portefeuille clients avec pour mission d’atteindre les objectifs de volume et de rentabilités fixés. Vos missions :

  • Concevoir et déployer des campagnes performantes à dimension internationale aussi bien en Search qu’en Display (Google ads principalement, Bing, facebook, nativeads...)
  • Suivi quotidien et optimisation des campagnes
  • Analyse des performances globales, proposition de recommandations et de plan d’actions
  • Mise à jour des rapports d’activités pour le client et la Direction de l’agence
  • Collaborer avec les pôles PAO et IT, pour la création de nouvelles annonces, de bannières, nouveau workflow d’acquisition
  • Collaborer avec le pôle Marketing pour optimiser les landing pages, l’ergonomie au bénéfice de la génération de leads qualifiés et de vente sur les sites de nos clients annonceurs.
  • Assurer une veille régulière pour trouver de nouvelles pistes de développement

Pour vous accompagner dans ces missions passionnantes, vous bénéficierez :

  • D’importants budgets pour vos campagnes et la possibilité de tester et confronter un grand nombre de fonctionnalités !
  • D’un rapport privilégié avec nos spécialistes dédiés chez Google
  • De rencontres avec les meilleurs experts mondiaux du search marketing lors de salons tels que le SMX
  • Une équipe de google ads spécialiste qui vous accompagnera dans votre frmation et votre montée en compétence avec pour objectif de devenir une star de google ads !

Le candidat que nous recherchons possède :

  • 5 ans d’expérience minimum en gestion opérationnelle de campagnes google ads à gros budget (portefeuille de 50k € / mois minimum !)
  • La certification google ads à jour
  • Une bonne maitrise d’Excel obligatoire
  • Un sens de l’analyse poussé et une bonne lecture statistique
  • Une expérience dans le monde de l’affiliation marketing un plus
  • Une bonne maitrise de Google Analytics un plus
  • Expérience dans la gestion de campagnes d’achat de trafic au ppc (nativeads, regie self-service...etc) un plus
  • Expérience dans la gestion de campagnes Facebook Ads un plus
  • Expérience dans la gestion de campagnes Adexchange un plus
  • Parle couramment le français et l’anglais
  • Maitrise de l’espagnol / portugais / italien ou une autre langue est un plus
  • Pro actif et force de proposition
  • Des aptitudes au travail collaboratif et un bon esprit d’équipe
  • Expérience dans la gestion de campagnes Facebook Ads un plus
  • Disponible asap – 2 mois.

Profil minimum requis :

  • 5 ans d’expérience dans la gestion de campagnes Adwords
  • Bonne maîtrise d’Excel
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